Boonville Soccer Complex RFP

Posted On: 04-26-17

The City of Boonville is soliciting proposals from interested parties for the Boonville Soccer Complex. Proposals are due by Thursday, May 11 at 2PM. Questions, contact Kate Fjell, 660-882-2332 or by email, kate.fjell@boonville-mo.org

Boonville Soccer Complex RFP

Black Flock LLC to manage Hail Ridge Golf Course, opening 2017

Posted On: 12-13-16

Black Flock LLC, owned by Josh Black, has entered into a management contract with the City of Boonville for the operations at Hail Ridge Golf Course. Course updates and information will be available at the Hail Ridge Facebook page. An introductory letter by Josh is available as well:

Black Flock Introduction

City of Boonville Project Update – October 2016

Posted On: 10-18-16

The Mayor and City Council have provided a Project Update for several ongoing projects.

Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to read this report.

Project Update October 2016

City of Boonville Update of Recent Events – July 2016

Posted On: 07-06-16

The Mayor and City Council have provided a recent update on projects that the City of Boonville has recently announced some decisions and actions on.

We hope this yields benefits and advancements for Boonville on many fronts.



An update and a Look Forward

Posted On: 12-22-15

The City Council, City Administrator and the Mayor have provided an update on several major projects the City of Boonville proposes to take in the coming years, including recreational and residential development as well as critical sewer and wastewater upgrades to the City’s infrastructure.

Looking at the entire “package” of projects, the City Council and Mayor are very pleased. For a community of our size; it is impressive. We hope this yields benefits and advancements for Boonville on many fronts.

Update and Way Forward


Vehicle and Use Tax on April 2016 ballot

Posted On: 12-11-15

The City Council is considering placing a use tax on the April 2016 election. The Vehicle sales and use tax would impose a 2% tax on goods purchased out of state equal to the sales tax imposed on retail sales in the state of Missouri.

Property Maintenance and Improvement

Posted On: 12-11-15

In 2015, the City Council prioritized efforts to improve the condition of buildings (residential and commercial) throughout the City. It was decided that City Staff would conduct a building by building assessment each year, by Ward beginning with Ward 1 in 2015.

Properties determined to have property maintenance deficiencies will receive a notification letter and report with required repairs. If you have any questions about the inspections or the work on this initiative, please call City Hall.

We appreciate all the owners who have worked with us to improve the condition of properties in town and beautify Boonville.

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