Water Hook Up

All new customers are required to make a deposit based on the size of their meter. This information can be obtained through the water department at (660)-882-5479.
The deposit, based on a typical 5/8 inch residential meter is total of $113.00 ($106 for water fund, $5 for sanitation fund, non-refundable $2 service fee). Deposits are refundable after 12 consecutive billings without delinquencies in payment.
Water hook up must be done at the City Services Building located at 1200 Locust Street, Boonville Missouri, 65233. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover card payments accepted. Automatic bank drafting from checking and savings account is available. The form is available on the forms page of this website.

Water, Sewer, and Sanitation Rates

According to Meter Size

Meter size (inches)

5/8 and ¾ inch
1 inch
1 ½ inch
2 inch
3 inch
4 inch
6 inch

Water Quantity

First 1000 gallons
Next 9000 gallons
Next 40,000 gallons
Any additional gallons

Minimum Monthly Charge


Monthly Charge

Minimum Charge
$7.38 per 1000 gallons
$5.75 per 1000 gallons
$5.24 per 1000 gallons

Meter size (inches)/Minimum Monthly Charge

5/8 and ¾ inch/$26.73
1 inch/$45.33
1 ½ inch/$76.73
2 inch/$115.08
3 inch/$203.43
4 inch/$330.13
6 inch/$646.33

Water Quantity/Monthly Charge

First 1000 gallons/Minimum Charge
Next 9000 gallons/$7.38 per 1000 gallons
Next 40,000 gallons/$5.75 per 1000 gallons
Any additional gallons/$5.24 per 1000 gallons

Sewer Charges

A fixed charge of $22.00 is charged per meter. Each meter is also charged $8.24 per 1000 gallons of water, totaling $30.24 for minimum usage. This charge is a commodity charge for operations and maintenance.

The sewer rate is based on water consumption from October through March. New rates will appear on the following May bill. (Example new customer in December 2020—new average will apply May 2022). New customers will be charged the average of 4000 gallons, at the rate of $54.96 per month.

Sanitation Charges

Sanitation rate is a fixed charge for $18.68 per residential unit, and $23.71 for 1 time per week hand stop pickup per commercial unit. (This will differ if there are additional pickups needed and if containers are needed).

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel Surcharge is an authorized and imposed fee per unit of Sanitation. The fee will be variable by quarter, calculated by city staff and the service provider, as set forth in the service provider’s contract with the city.

Meter Rental Fee

Meter rental fee is a fixed rate of $.30 per month.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is based on water charges only.
Residential customer – 2.750%
Commercial customer – 9.100%


A $10.00 penalty will be added to any account in which a full payment is not made within 5 (five) days of the due date specified on the bill. (Ordinance Section 21-148-(d) (6) b).

Annual Primacy Fee

The Primacy Fee is an annual charge required by the State of Missouri, based as follows:Unmetered & meters less than or equal to one inch- $3.00
Meters greater than one inch up to the equal of two inches- $7.44
Meters greater than two inches up to the equal of four inches- $41.16
Meters greater than four inches- $82.44

This charge will show up on your January or February water bill.

Annual Sewer Fee

The Sewer Fee is an annual charge required by the State of Missouri, based as follows:
Residential Users- $ .80
Commercial users not served by public water supply district- $3.42
Less than or equal to one inch meters- $3.00
Less than or equal to four inch meters- $11.00
Greater than four inch meters- $29.00

This charge will show up on your January or February water bill.


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