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Main Contact

City Hall
Address: 401 Main Street Boonville, MO 65233
Phone: 660-882-2332

City Administrator

Irl Tessendorf
Address: 401 Main Street
Phone: 660-882-2332
Email: itess@boonville-mo.org

City Clerk

Teresa Studley
Address: 401 Main Street
Phone: 660-882-2332
Email: cityclerk1@boonville-mo.org

Director of Public Works

M. L. Cauthon, III
Address: 1200 Locust Street
Phone: 660-882-5257
Email: mcauthon@boonville-mo.org

City Planner

Charissa Mayes
Address: 401 Main Street
Phone: 660-882-4002
Email: Charissa.mayes@boonville-mo.org

Asst. to City Administrator

Kate Fjell
Address: 401 Main Street
Phone: 660-882-4003
Email: kate.fjell@boonville-mo.org

Chief of Police

Bobby Welliver
Address: 401 E. Morgan
Phone: 660-882-2727
Fax: 660-882-6604
Email: bwelliver@boonville-mo.org

Fire Chief

Tim Carmichael
Address: 500 Bingham Road
Phone: 660-882-2606
Cell: 660-621-0279
Fax: 660-882-7004
Email: tjc101@boonville-mo.org

Building Inspector

Steve Hage
Address: 1200 Locust Street
Phone: 660-882-5124
Cell: 660-621-0297
Email: bldginspector@boonville-mo.org

Health Inspector

Glenn Bishop
Address: 1200 Locust Street
Phone: 660-882-5257
Email: gbishop@boonville-mo.org

Director of Parks

Paul Linhart, Parks Foreman or Kate Fjell, Asst. to City Administrator
Address: 1221 11th Street
Phone: (660) 882-7447 or (660) 882-4003
Email: plinhart@boonville-mo.org or kate.fjell@boonville-mo.org

Animal Control Officer

Pam Paxton
Address: Boonville Animal ShelterDead End of East Morgan Street
Phone: 660-882-2335
Fax: 660-882-6608
Email: boonvilleanshelter@boonville-mo.org

Airport Manager

John Taylor
Address: 20044 Pearre Lane
Phone: 660-882-7441
Email: johntaylor_1@yahoo.com

Tourism Director

Katie Gibson
Address: 320 1st Street
Phone: 660-882-3967
Email: katie.gibson@boonville-mo.org

Housing Authority

Bob Rorah
Address: 506 Powell Court
Phone: 660-882- 7332
Email: bob@c-magic.com

City Attorney

Brad Wooldridge
Address: 312 Main Street
Phone: 660-882-3447

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