Boonville is a great place to make your business home! The economic development office is ready to assist you in finding the right spot. Missouri- Making. Growing. Moving is now available highlighting Missouri’s economic Development efforts and advantages. 

The Boonville, Missouri Labor Basin

The Boonville Missouri Labor Basin includes seven counties in central Missouri (see map). The criterion used to include a county in this labor basin is whether it contains communities from which, it can be reasonably assumed, individuals may commute to the center of the labor basin (Boonville) for an employment opportunity. In the case of the Boonville Missouri Labor Basin, it is reasonable that individuals may commute from (and within) one of the seven counties because these counties contain 1) communities with adequate transportation within the Boonville area and 2) communities that are within a 45-minute commute to the center of the labor basin. For more information click on the “more information about labor basin” button on the right.

Entrepreneurial Development Information

Looking for help with your small business dream? We are ready to help. There is a Mid-Missouri Resource Guide for Entrepreneurs available.  Information is available through the Missouri innovation Center. There is also a calendar of events for the mid-Missouri region of entrepreneurial classes, events, and other programs.

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